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9 thoughts on “ R.T.D. - Pocket Lent - Verve (CD, Album)

  1. This is the MP3 playlist for the enhanced CD A New Day. Give thanks for A New Day Inspired by the Holy Spirit and arranged to follow the ancient tradition of the Liturgy of the Hours, A New Day showcases Steve Angrisano's profound ability to bring us to a deeper understanding of our everyday encounters with Christ—through 9 soul-stirring songsùfrom dawn till dusk.
  2. The album is set for release on June 12 and will be available on both CD and limited edition red vinyl courtesy of Cleopatra Records, Inc. Track List: 1. In My Heart 2. Faith 3. Spreading All Over 4. Can’t Wait 5. Chepleeri Dream 6. Suppose 7. Knowing You 8. Ocean .
  3. Chuck Rainey, who lent his fat warm electric bass tone to the previous outing, has been replaced by Felder's crisper, more rhythmic approach to the instrument. For the most part, the tunes are shorter here and rely far more heavily on groove aesthetics rather than jazz syncopations. Verve Reissues. CD $ See the album%; Way Back.
  4. Jan 15,  · They consist of Stan Getz in Stockholm (Verve MGV), and Imported from Europe (Verve MGV). Getz is backed on these dates by such .
  5. The Guitar changed now in Chris hands was a red electric lent to him by Luke Phillips of Newbridge band Everyday Heroes; Steelhouse band winners who opened the Steelhouse Festival. Fantastic to hear the latest single, from Kentucky album Shake My Cage, played live the riffs are just huge as the reverberated around the auditorium.
  6. In , the Dead released a four-CD live album from one set of the tapes, from a series of concerts that they had performed at the Academy of Music, in Manhattan, in the spring of The teacher, now retired and the keeper of hundreds of rescued pet goats, still had the reels when I talked to him, in July.
  7. Funny, we can't remember this many singers turning up on the Crusaders' albums, but look a little closer at the liner. For this compilation -- designed, perhaps, to fill the gap between albums by a group that no longer was a full-time act -- MCA reached for records by B.B. King, Tina Turner, Joe Sample and Wilton Felder that various Crusaders played on, as well as the band's output from.
  8. May 18,  · That said, Cote's Peruvian rhythms on drums and cajon lent a distinctive other flavor to the music. Featuring songs from the quintets debut CD, Phisqa (Self Produced, ), Calmet's strong writing was as evident as the impressive individual musicianship. The leader swapped his drums for charango—Andean lute—on the intro to "Ayarachi.
  9. This album is a very “Christian” album in all respects and would kick off a solo career that would last until his death in It is as the result of this album that Norman is credited with being the father of Christian Rock. Christian Rock was born!

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