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8 thoughts on “ Chuck Gray* With Sandy Stantons Panics - Foot Loose And Free / That Letter From Elaine (Vinyl)

  1. Chuck Grey A: Push The Panic Button B: Rock And Roll Is In My Soul: Fable USA: F 7" 2: Chuck Gray [Chuck Grey] A: Foot Loose And Free B: That Letter From Elaine: Fable USA: F 7" 1: The Revivalaires Quartette A: Nail Prints In His Hands B: His Call Of Love: Fable USA: F 7" 0: Honey Sisters A: Fast Fast.
  2. vocal, Chuck Grey, music by Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Push The Panic Button / Rock And Roll Is In My Soul (both wr. Ethel Greenwood) / Vince Bruno (vocal): Oh My Cheree / Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Spanish Rock Tango (instr.) (both wr. Daniel Goros) Chuck Grey & The Panics -- Foot Loose And Free.
  3. GrimGrave does not own Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, or the characters. They are owned by Gainax studios and Kadokawa catapocardwabmaililanddemosuppjus.coinfo makes no profit for writing fiction. "Speak" ´Thought´ Syndrome. Prologue. Catch of the Day. The battlefield between Heaven and Hell; Earth, Daten City.
  4. 8 thoughts on “ Fly Bi Wire - Various - La Terrrazza - Summerrr Addiction ” Zushura at Addiction is a disease affecting the brain and behaviour in which the individual cannot resist the urge to use substance(s) or partake in activities although it causes physical and psychological harm. The substances may be legal like smoking, prescription medicines, alcohol, etc, or.
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  7. May 16,  · CHUCK GREY AND THE PANICS: "Footloose And Free" b/w "That Letter From Elaine" on Fable Records -- Hollywood. Chuck Grey a/k/a Chuck Gray.

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