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9 thoughts on “ Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello - The Gorilla Variations (CD, Album)

  1. Jul 04,  · Filename D:\Torrents\Waffles\12k\Molly Berg Stephen Vitiello - The Gorilla Variations [12K] []\Gorilla Variation 1 (For Eder Santos).wav Pre-gap length Peak level % Track quality % Test CRC E1CA Copy CRC E1CA Track not present in AccurateRip database Copy OK Track 2.
  2. Jun 10,  · Curiosa collaborazione a distanza quella tra l’olandese Rutger Zuydervelt, in arte Machinefabriek, e l’americano Stephen Vitiello. Boomkat (UK) The real triumph of Box Music is the album’s incredible closing piece, a direct collaboration between both artists using chocolate sprinkles, rice, plastic bags, tape and an egg cutter.
  3. MOLLY BERG & STEPHEN VITIELLO - THE GORILLA VARIATIONS (CD by 12K) * Z'EV & BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS - DAKU (CD by Outfall Channel) The main ingredient on this third album is the beautiful piano works adding an excellent nocturnal atmosphere to the album along the electronic soundscapes lying beneath. But as the listener drift into tranquility.
  4. Nana April Jun is a pseudonym of Swedish visual artist and composer Christofer Lamgren, who devised this album as a vehicle for exploring all-digital noise timbres as continuous, evolving streams. Significantly, Lamgren avoids multitracking and conventional principles of arrangement, instead favouring a kind of 'noise solo' approach. At times the sounds on the album mimic .
  5. Molly Berg comes from a very different background, having previously appeared on recordings by Cracker and Magnolia Electric Co. songwriter Jason Molina. The two Virginia-based artists came together for a soundtrack project commissioned by Brazilian video artist Eder Santos, whose video portrait of a lonely, zoo-dwelling gorilla (named Idi Amin.
  6. Between You And The Shapes You Take is the second collaborative album by Richmond based musician/sound artists Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg. As with the duo’s previous release, The Gorilla Variations, tracks are created out of improvisations and sculpted through editing.
  7. Between the collaborations of Stephen Vitiello there is also Molly Berg, with which composed The Gorilla Variations, in , and in the Moss project, realized together with Olivia Block and Steve Roden.
  8. This is the first full-length collaborative release by Richmond, VA-based musician and sound artists Molly Berg and Stephen Vitiello. The CD title, The Gorilla Variations came about from a request for a short-soundtrack from Éder Santos, a Brazilian video artist who Vitiello has worked with for years on an uncounted number of projects.
  9. Jun 15,  · Stephen: I’ve released a number of CDs in recent years but they’ve all been collaborative with other musicians — with Machinefabriek, Andrew Deutsch, Molly Berg and one with Lawrence English that comes out this summer). The last solo CD was Listening to Donald Judd, which was released by the Belgian label, Sub Rosa. This one is still to.

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